So Yeon Park

So Yeon Park is a postdoctoral researcher in the Urban Design section at TU Delft. Her career has revolved around observing and analyzing people’s actions within their built surroundings using quantitative techniques and suggesting design adjustments that have positive physical, emotional, and psychological consequences. Before entering the academic field, she worked as an interior architect, especially in the housing sector, which piqued her interest in the correlation between living conditions and the satisfaction and well-being of inhabitants. This practical experience also prompted her to have an interest in bridging the gap between basic research and practical applications. Also, she became interested in utilizing VR as a new research tool to investigate user perceptions empirically and provide architects and designers with concrete evidence. Working as a researcher at the Delta Urbanism Research group, she will be concentrating on the socially inclusive design process of delta areas by involving space users in design decision-making.