Honours Programme

Delta Futures Lab

The Delta Futures lab joins scientific, public and private forces in its mission to maintain urbanising deltas as sources of economic, social and ecological prosperity. It aims to deliver the next level of delta management technology, spatial designs, institutional arrangements, and management concepts and implement them with our public and private partners in the global delta community.

TU Delft presents itself as interdisciplinary leader in spatial design, engineering and governance of deltas. Deltas worldwide are under accelerating pressure of climate-induced sea-level rise and hydrological extremes and unprecedented economic growth and urbanisation. Former high-end scenarios rapidly become thinkable futures that push delta interventions outside state-off-art delta management practice.

The goal of Delta Futures Lab is to enhance skills and competences in integrated spatial and engineering design, governance and management of urbanizing deltas. Interdisciplinary design demands skills and competences to effectively work in multidisciplinary teams addressing climate change, energy and transport in the socially most vibrants, ecologically most vulnerable but productive and economically most dynamic parts of the globe. The students in the Honours Program will be joined with students from other disciplines in a research with one of our partners which all are dealing with an extreme landscapes. Former projects took place in Japan, Ghana and the Bahamas addressing respectively tsunami, coastal erosion and hurricanes. Future projects are all focussed in deltas as relation between water and land, using the interdisciplinary design methodology developed in the Lab and looking into further development.

Mentoring is provided by dr. ir. Fransje Hooimeijer and dr. ir. Taneha Bacchin, together with mentors from Civil Engineering: Water Management, Hydraulic Engineering, Geo Engineering and Transport Water.