Online exhibition 2022

Graduation Projects 2022

As every year, urban design graduation studios are featured in the joint exhibition of graduation projects from TU Delft’s Urbanism, Landscape Architecture and Geomatics programmes.


Online museum 2022

Urban design graduation studios Design of the Urban Fabric and Transitional Territories are part of the Urbanism master track.  This trajectory informed by the rich tradition of Dutch spatial planning which inspires students to work in multi-disciplinary ways to create integrated solutions for the built environment. These final presentations represent work produced by the students during their final year. The projects presented here are located all over the world; they showcase not only what the students have learned, but also represent the culmination of years of hard work, research, analysis, design, and the development of presentation skills they have learned while doing their masters’ studies at TU Delft.

The presentations also illustrate the learning processes by which students have engaged with the complexities of designing and planning cities and landscapes. By combining research, design, and planning, and by focusing on multiple levels of scale (e.g. local, regional, interregional, and international), they demonstrate original thinking on the problems they chose to investigate; they also propose potential solutions that illustrate their design and analytical skills, as well as their relevant professional and place-based knowledge.

Lastly, these projects also demonstrate the students’ ability to present their work, and the learning processes represented by these projects show how the students have developed the academic and professional skills required for them to take their place in the world as urban designers, planners and researchers.

Below you can see a sneak preview of those projects. Go to the online museum and navigate through its ‘rooms’ by clicking on the red items. Clicking on the work of a student will lead you to their repository page

Design of the Urban Fabric

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2022 graduation projects in studio Design of the Urban Fabric

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2022 graduation projects in studio Design of the Urban Fabric

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2022 graduation projects in studio Design of the Urban Fabric

Transitional Territories

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2022 graduation projects in studio Transitional Territories