Report and reflection

Looking back at: How do you design for a social-ecological inclusive city?

We look back on our event ‘How to design for a social ecological inclusive city’. We received about 80 students, practitioners, and scholars in spatial design-oriented disciplines in the Berlage room at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft. The six short pitches and presentations were interspersed with lively conversations and debate with the audience.

This lecture and discussion series aims to showcase a wide range of design methods and applications in Urbanism as an interdisciplinary and multiscale spatial design approach towards the design of social-ecological inclusive cities. Practitioners and scholars from urban design, landscape architecture and planning discussed design methods and processes in teaching, research, and practice, as well as illustrate them with projects.

You can look back at the presentations, and discussions in the videos below.

How do you design for social-ecological inclusive cities? 

Steffen Nijhuis, associate professor and head of the Section of Landscape Architecture, TU Delft

Design experiments in Urban Design education

Víctor Muñoz Sanz, assistant professor of urban design, TU Delft

Just Sustainability Transitions. The role of a critical and engaged approach to planning

Verena Balz, assistant professor of spatial planning & strategy, TU Delft


Past and future: Design principles for a social ecological city

Robbert Jan van der Veen, founding partner ECHO urban design + teacher of urban design, TU Delft

Landscape Architecture as an integrative practice for sustainable urban development

Wiebke Klemm, landscape architect, sr. policy advisor Sustainable Living Environments and project lead Nature Smart Cities, Municipality of The Hague

Social-ecological urbanism and biophilic design to support sustainability, health and liveability

Prof. Arjan van Timmeren, full professor environmental technology and design, TU Delft

Discussion and outlook

Some impressions of the event


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert


Photo: Joep van Aert