Metropolitan Club: Talkshow @Bouwpub #1

June 22nd, 13-15h, Bouwpub

Julianalaan 134, Delft

Registration is required.

Please note this event will be in Dutch.

In a new series from the Metropolitan Club, we talk to guests from design practice, government, and education. In an informal setting (talk show) we talk for an hour about pressing and important social questions and tasks that are alive in the domain of Urban Design. The first episode is on June 22.

This conversation may be critical, open, and confrontational. The edges are traced. The conversation will be recorded as a podcast. In this informal setting there is room for about 30 people in the audience (students/teachers/practice). They can also be involved with questions at the end of the conversation.

The first episode will take place on June 22, 13-15h, and has the title of “(ont) hecht het stedelijk weefsel?”. It will count with the following guests: Flora Nycolaas (gemeente Amsterdam), Birgit Hausleitner (TU Delft), and Daan Zandbelt (De Zwarte Hond). The conversation will be moderated by Robbert Jan van der Veen.

By discussing social themes and discussing them between government, practice and education, students can see and learn which confrontations one encounters when achieving ideals in this unruly world. In addition, it is good and important that themes and topics are discussed between decisive and leading people in the fields of work. The talks can be the start of topics and themes that can be further embedded in research and education on the one hand and that can possibly get more firmly on the agenda in design practice and government. The ‘How’ will also become an important part of the conversations.

The event is hosted by Robbert Jan van der Veen

Next episodes

Donderdag 21 september 2023 1300 – 1500 – ‘Postzegel-stedenbouw’ als groene spektakelstukjes

Glenn Lyppens (University of Antwerp) (to be confirmed)

Machiel van Dorst (TU Delft/Urban Studies)

Tess Broekmans (TU Delft/Urhahn) (to be confirmed)


Donderdag 26 oktober 2023 13.00 – 15.00 – Wordt Neder-land nu Neder-stad?

Anne Loes Nillesen (TU Delft/Defacto)

Errik Buursink (Nationale Omgevingsvisie)

Helmut Thoele (Provincie Zuid Holland)


Donderdag 16 november 10.30 – 12.30 – Geen stok voor ‘Sociaal en Werken in de stad’?

Kim Putters (University of Tilburg, TBC)

Kees Christiaanse (ETH-KCAP)

Hilde Blank (BVR/Gemeente Den Haag)