Conference activity

Panel discussion on Climate Change and Adaptation in the ECLAS 2021 conference

13 September 2021

08:00-18:00, online

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As part of the ECLAS 2021 conference, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin and Claudiu Forgaci joined as panelists at the Climate Change and Adaptation session on (Un)certain lines: coastal and riverine landscapes. 

The panel was organized by Laura Cipriani and Inge Bobink (TU Delft).

Due to the climatic crisis, coastal and riverine cities and landscapes on the planet will face an uncertain future. Coasts, lagoons, wetlands, rivers and their inland areas struggle between two opposing forces, permanence and transformation. Extreme events, eustatism, subsidence, soil erosion, saltwater intrusion, water pollution testify to territories in the throes of long-term repossession by the water. This session invites participants to discuss challenges but also opportunities of coast-lines, river-lines and related hinterlands around the globe. Lines are (un)certain not only because coasts and rivers are ever changing due to their nature and to anthropic interventions. Lines are also referring to the diverse lines of actions, set of instruments, methods, representations a landscape architect could take into account. Particular attention is given to design interventions, tools and methods in this state of uncertainty at different scales. Naturebased solutions, design by nature, building by design innovative techniques and approaches are welcomed.