Urban Design: Unknown Grounds

Tuesday, November 28, 17.00-19.00

Berlage rooms, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.

This event is free and open to the public.

As closing of the Month of Urban Design, on 28 November the event Urban Design: Unknown Grounds takes place.

This event will serve as a platform to bring together voices in Dutch design education with the aim to help re-position Urban Design within the current context of multiple social and ecological crises—and the future unknown grounds the discipline will be facing. The theme of re-positioning refers both to the disciplinary relationship of Urban Design to the broader ecosystem of design and spatial disciplines, and beyond, as well as its socio-political relevance and agency.Happening after a month-long of events on Urban Design, this event is an opportunity to establish an interinstitutional dialogue and reflecting back and forward, and taking positions, about the future of (urban) design education.


Nick Axel, Rietveld Academy
Taneha Bacchin, TU Delft
Janna Bystrykh, AHK
Luisa Calabrese, TU Delft
Anna Gasco, AHK
Nikos Katsikis, TU Delft
Víctor Muñoz Sanz, TU Delft
Thijs van Spaandonk, RAVB/AHK