Media appearances

When Oceans Threaten Cities

Geert van der Meulen contributed to the documentary ‘Quand la mer menace les villes’ (When Oceans Threaten Cities) at France 5

Worldwide, 800 million people are affected by rising sea levels. Devastating storms, torrential rains, inexorable rising waters and erosion: the coastal megalopolises are now up against the wall. In New York, Rotterdam, and Singapore, engineers, architects, geographers, and biologists have started a race against time and against the elements. Through resilient solutions, built with and not against the marine environment, emerges a new way of inhabiting the city. Without such a major paradigm shift, parts of the population of these coastal cities will have no choice but to flee from the ocean.

The ‘Science Grand Format’ documentary is directed by Laurence Thiriat and includes numerous specialists, scientists and practitioners, from across disciplines and across the world. The documentary aired at France 5 ‘Science Grand Format’ in French to an audience of over one million, breaking its viewing records. Under the name ‘When Ocean Threaten Cities’ the documentary is now sold and distributed to channels in other countries in which broadcasts in English and other languages will follow.


Poster of the documentary film