Inzicht: Academische vaardigheden voor bouwkundigen 2020-2021_Q1

Hoekstra, M. J., Lousberg, L., Rooij, R. M., Wilms Floet, W. W. L. M., & Zijlstra, S. (Eds.) (2020). Inzicht: Academische vaardigheden voor bouwkundigen. Delft University of Technology.

The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to architecture as a scientific discipline (with attention to the characteristics of). It is not a “study book”, rather it is a concise introduction to academic skills for architectural engineers or a reference book for researching basic principles. This makes this book useful not only for ‘regular’ bachelor of architecture students, but also for transfer students such as transition students and international students. For them, this book is the benchmark for how we view architecture as a scientific discipline within the Faculty of Architecture and which skills (at bachelor level) are associated with it.