Waterfront Analysis and Design: Comparative Report of Beijing, Suzhou, and Yinchuan

Yang, Y., Xu, S., Viganó, P., Yuan, D., Liu, H., Lub, M., & De Carvalho Filho, L. M. (2021). Waterfront Analysis and Design: Comparative Report of Beijing, Suzhou and Yinchuan. TU Delft Open.

This book presents the research on the urban design of waterfront space in three typical Chinese cities, in collaboration with universities from China, Netherlands (TU Delft), Switzerland (EPFL) and Italy (IUAV)

Across the world, transformation of waterfronts is a major challenge for city planning, urban and landscape design, architecture, and real estate. Development must create sustainable liveable communities, and maintain ecological values. Success requires a wide range of skills and innovative thinking. This book shows what can be achieved in tackling these complex issues through international collaboration between universities, government, and practitioners. It is the culmination of a complex project initiated by the Urban Planning Design and Research Centre of China Architecture Design and Research Group and involving numerous municipalities and universities in China and Europe. The project concentrated on design and planning solutions that resolved potential conflicts between urban development and the sensitive water environment. This book records a sample of the rich and varied ideas the project delivered.