Research project


This project aims to empower researchers to use research software effectively and with confidence. The fellowship raises awareness, stimulates engagement and builds capacity by demonstrating the benefits of reproducibility, automation and scalability for urbanism research in two thematic workshops and two hands-on challenges—ReproHack and ScaleUp.

The fellowship will build on the first steps taken by a recently formed group of R users in the Department of Urbanism at TU Delft and it has the ambition to scale up to a larger national and international Rbanism community. The urbanism research community is challenged by a limited awareness of state-of-the-art digital technologies, as well as the scarcity of scientific computing, data science, computational thinking and software management skills. The Fellow will bring experiences from Carpentries workshops and synergies with other activities carried out to benefit both the content of the planned activities and the community-building efforts of this fellowship.

Duration: 2022-2023

Funding: eScience Centre fellowship

Principal Investigator: Claudiu Forgaci