Birgit Hausleitner

Birgit Hausleitner is an architect and urbanist, lecturer of Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.

She studied architecture at TU Vienna and the Politecnico di Milano and urbanism with distinction at TU Delft and IUAV Venice. Birgit’s research comprises work on urban diversity and mixed-use cities. Her research focuses on the multi-scalar and configurational aspects of urban morphological and socio-spatial conditions that facilitate, introduce or improve, combinations of living and working and their adaptation. Birgit has expertise in spatial design for micro-economic activities and for urban manufacturing, and in the development of multi-scalar analytic methods and multi-scalar and multi-actor design instruments. Her most recent projects include Cities of Making (2017-2019, research coordination TU Delft team), a research project exploring the future of urban manufacturing in Europe with the focus on Brussels, London and Rotterdam and Liveable Manufacturing (2020-2121, PI), a research project concerned with manufacturing as part of mixed-use areas with main case study city Amsterdam.

Her research has been published in the journal Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science, Urban Planning, Urban Design and Planning, and DASH, among others.