Els Bet

Since 2013 Els Bet teaches 2 days a week in Bachelor and Master’s programs in Urban Design at the faculty of architecture of TU Delft. She develops educational materials on design and coordinates courses in the Bachelor of Architecture and in the urbanism track of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences.

She was educated at the faculty of Architecture of TU Delft and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona (Master en Urbanisme de les Ciutats 1993). She worked as an Urban Designer in Rotterdam, Barcelona, Den Haag and Groningen. She ran her own office from 1996 until 2021 and cooperated with architects, landscape designers and cultural historians.  She is skilled in urban design through all scale levels. She is an investigating designer who links urban analysis, everyday use, urban networks, parceling, and design of the public space. She works on big scale urban and regional structures, but also on small scale urban regeneration with a special focus on the switch between urban structure, form, and composition. Much of her work is at the start of a transformation process where she focusses on clarifying the spatial and structural components and transformative possibilities of the location. In her maps and drawings, she makes the components of space visible, and transformations imaginable.