Maurice Harteveld

Maurice Harteveld is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Urban Design of the Department of Urbanism at TU Delft.

He is specialised in the theory of urban design and the architecture of the city, with a current focus on the issue of public space and interdisciplinary thinking. As such, the body of his work emphasises the multiplicity of public space from the point of view of understanding use, governance, and significance. His work explicates interrelated socio-spatial transformations and cross-cultural exchange. In this, he focusses on the epistemological approach to public space, by-passing dichotomies alike public-private, and thus philosophically departing from the Age of Modernism. His focus is shifting slowly to a more intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding of ‘human space’, still adding to the reposition of design theory.

Maurice is based at the Delft University of Technology, where he develops the field of urban design, and explores the design of public space, and he extends his work to several places abroad, throughout Europe, North America, and China. He does this within the Delft Design for Values Institute, Delft Deltas, Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative, and among others Leiden•Delft•Erasmus alliance. He also works at the Architects Registration Board of The Netherlands and he is a guest professor at various foreign universities.