Stefan van der Spek

Stefan van der Spek is an associate professor of Urban Design and director VR-lab at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

His main research objective is to improve the Urban Design process by applying new technologies, modelling and simulation, e.g. by using VR and AR as key design tools. In his methods he uses evidence-based design and digital tools: integration of traditional mapping, dynamic user data and sensing technologies. Users play a central role in his approach: the City from Eye-level perspective. His research is covering HEALTH by focussing on Active modes (Walking/biking) in relation to the Built Environment, in particular the public space and the urban life.

He holds a degree in Architecture and Building Sciences at TU Delft (1991-1997). He obtained his PhD from TU Delft with a thesis entitled Seamless Multimodal Mobility / Intermodal Transfer Points.

Stefan has been Visiting professor at Northumbria University, United Kingdom (2012-2018), and worked for the office de Architecten Cie. between 1998 and 2001.