Teake Bouma

Teake Bouma is a teacher of Urban Design at TU Delft.

He works at the intersection of architecture and urbanism. The central question in his work is how we can make an (existing) building, place, neighbourhood or city future-proof, in a respectful way. Not from the perspective of preservation, but rather from change to a new meaning or narrative: reframing. Learning to look (analyse), learning to draw (present) and learning to (re)design is central.

He holds the degree of Master of Science in Architecture of TU Delft (2001), obtained with an honourable mention.

Teake Bouma teaches in both the Bachelor and Master programs. He coordinates courses at both bachelor and master level. He is involved in the development of teaching materials focused on urban design. Teake Bouma has been involved in several publications including Urbanism: Fundamentals and Prospects.

In addition to his teaching position at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, he has been employed by various architecture and urban design firms in the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in working on different types of architectural and urban planning projects: design of urban extensions, redevelopment assignments, preliminary research, and vision creation at the city level. Since 2010 he works as an independent designer on both architectural and urban design projects.