Tess Broekmans

Tess Broekmans is a part-time Professor of Urban Design at the Section of Urban Design at TU Delft. She is a specialist in the field of inner-city development and develops concepts for buildings and areas. Tess enjoys working on comprehensive and complex urban projects, such as transformation and downtown areas. She often does this together with residents and entrepreneurs based on the experience that users are experts in an area. She has a broad view of the city and through a multitude of projects she has a great deal of knowledge of housing, retail, culture and accessibility. Her strength lies in formulating the assignment and finding practical solutions for complex problems.

In recent years, Tess has worked on, among other things, the transformation of Oostenburg in Amsterdam from working area to mixed urban island, inner city visions for Emmen , Vlaardingen and Amstelveen, development strategy for the Hamerkwartier on the Amsterdam IJ bank, location research for theater de Meervaart in Amsterdam New West, concept development for the Royal Tropical Institute and Technologybase at the former Twente airbase . She is a supervisor for Amstel Business Park in Ouderamstel, a working area in transition in Amsterdam’s Southeast Lobby.

Tess studied urban design at Delft University of Technology and then worked from 1996 to 2000 at the Spatial Planning Department of the Municipality of Amsterdam. She has been working at Urhahn since 2000, in 2007 she took over the agency from founder Gert Urhahn together with Sjoerd Feenstra.

Tess combines her urban planning work with the professorship of Urban Design at TU Delft and guest lectureships at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and Lund University in Sweden. She is also subject coordinator for urban planning at the Professional Experience Program (PEP).