How to plot your path? Discussing [y]our Future in Urban Design with the Dutch Practice

November 17, 2023


Room R

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft

Are you aspiring to be working as an urban designer? Join the dialogue on [y]our urban design future with Urbis and Urban Synergy, which will take place as part of the Month of Urban Design.

These Dutch agencies boast a diverse portfolio, providing a unique outlook on the evolution of the urban designer’s role over the past 35 and 15 years respectively. Examining the influence of societal, economic, and design process changes, this alternative narrative diverges from the traditional teachings found in Dutch history books. Following two brief pitches, we navigate through your reflection and vision for the future: What valuable insights does this reflection provide for understanding the current complexity and future of urban design? What are your key takeaways? What is your viewpoint?

Lunch lectures

12:30-12:50:   The Urbis Timeline, by Petra Sala

12:50-13:10:   The Urban Synergy Timeline, by Laura de Bonth

12:10-13:30:   Q&A

Follow-up Workshop with Practitioners

13:45-14:00:   Identify main presentation themes and reflect briefly.

14:00-14:30:   Envision future themes and anticipate challenges.

14:30-15:00:   Outline a 2050 timeline considering challenges and clients.

15:00-15:30:   Present and self-reflect on your future job.


This activity is organized by Maurice Harteveld in collaboration with Urbis and Urban Synergy.