Intersubjective Approaches to Urban Design

Thursday, November 23, 09.00-13.00

Room K, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft.

The workshop is free, but there is a limit of 25 participants.

Registration is required.

As part of the Month of Urban Design, on 23 November the workshop Intersubjective Approaches to Urban Design takes place.

This workshop is open for students and PhD candidates. It aims to enhance participants’ understanding of intersubjectivity in public spaces. It is built upon the observation that the divers experiences of people come to life particularly in public space. Although each lived experience may be subjective in itself, together they add on and are of great value as they may reinform our theorems and premises on public space, as well as contextualise design. In an aim to understand the variety of experiences in hyperdiverse societies the study of intersubjectivity helps to the coordinate meanings and experiences between people over time, and it informs design more accurate. This workshop includes introductions to a selection of methods and testing through active participation.

The workshop is hosted by Sahar Asadollahi Asl Zarkhah and Maurice Harteveld, Section of Urban Design, Department of Urbanism