Metropolitan Clubtalk #2: Postzegelstedenbouw, ramp of realiteit?

September 21st, 13-14h, Bouwpub

Julianalaan 134, Delft

Registration is required.

Please note this event will be in Dutch.

Metropolitan Clubtalk continues! In a new series from the Metropolitan Club, we talk to guests from design practice, government, and education. In an informal setting (talk show) we talk for an hour about pressing and important social questions and tasks that are alive in the domain of Urban Design. The next episode is the 21st of September from 13-14h in the Bouwpub at the faculty of Architecture, and has the title of “Postzegelstedenbouw, ramp of realiteit?” 

The following guests will attend in this talk: prof. Tess Broekmans (Urhahn/TU Delft), Glenn Lyppens (POLO labs), and prof. Machiel van Dorst (TU Delft/Urban Studies). The conversation will be moderated by Robbert Jan van der Veen. They will talk about the connected city fabric in relation to social attachment, behavior, and cohesion. What design principles are needed in the design of succesfull private, collective, semi-public, and public spaces? What is the danger or reality within the current possible state of ‘demarcated’ urban design within the importance of the social attachment?

This conversation may be critical, open, and confrontational. The edges are traced. The conversation will be recorded as a podcast. In this informal setting there is room for about 30 people in the audience (students/teachers/practice). They can also be involved with questions at the end of the conversation.

Please check our article and podcast of last talk recorded in the link below.