Job vacancy

TU Delft Technology Fellowship: Professor Fundamentals and Prospects in Urban Design and Research

The Section of Urban Design is looking for a full professor in urban design. Interested (female) candidates at associate and professor level who are not currently employed at the TU Delft have a unique opportunity to apply for this permanent position through the Delft Technology Fellowship.

Urban Design is concerned with the theory and methods of design of the physical form of cities and urbanised areas. We focus on the analysis and composition of the structural components of the urban landscape and how these have developed over time (the morphology and typology of networks and public spaces which structure urban life and support interaction among citizens), as well as on the distribution and layout of urban functions therein. Also, we focus on the way in which the urban plan is related to cultural history and geomorphology of the landscape, the design and materialisation of infrastructures and public spaces, and the rules for composition, building and the programming of the city.

We have a projective, speculative and experimental attitude towards urban form/landscapes. We embrace the concept of transformation as inevitable. We realise that resilience in cities is for a large part dependent on a systemic understanding of the interplay between landscape and cities. Urban Design is sensitive to place, history, culture and climate and responsive to social, environmental, political-economic and institutional settings, urgencies and uncertainties. We strive towards inclusive, equitable and democratic cities. The section stands in a well-established analytical tradition in typo-morphology. However, we are dedicated to embracing and developing new instruments. We see research by design as the pre-eminent tool in formulating speculative yet scientifically grounded future scenarios.

Due to the staff composition of the Department, we explicitly invite female candidates who are currently at associate professor or professor level (and are ready for the next step in their career). This implies that in addition to a proven track record in research and education, there is also demonstrable experience in valorisation and leadership. It is important that candidates can also contribute to the theme of urban design across departments and within the wider university.

Candidates should have experience in leading (interdisciplinary) research teams. Possible fields of study include: urban design, landscape architecture and other spatially aware fields.

About the TU Delft Technology Fellowship

The Delft Technology Fellowship offers high-profile, Academic Career Track positions to outstanding female academic researchers in research themes in which the faculties of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) wants to be strengthened.

As a fellow, you will be offered the unique chance to establish your own research programme of international repute, including a generous start-up grant.

Application procedure

Your application should include the following:

  • Cover letter including:
    • your motivation
    • the faculty and research theme of your interest*
    • the position desired (Full, Associate or Assistant Professor level)
    • how many years of post-doctoral working experience in industry or academia you have.
  • Resume including a detailed list of your publications and achievements.
  • Contact information of 4 references (6 in case of a Full Professor): their names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and relationships.
  • Vision document (maximum 2000 words) containing your research proposal and your vision on 1) education, 2) leadership and 3) the embedding of your research into the Delft University of Technology organization.

A pre-employment screening can be part of the application procedure.

More information on working conditions and how to apply in this link.

For questions about the selection procedure, please contact Caro Coemans (