Leo van den Burg

Leo van den Burg is a teacher of Urban Design, section leader of the Urban Design section at TU Delft and Faculty coordinator of bachelor’s education.

He is an architect by training, an urbanist by practice, and a teacher by vocation. His ambition is to forge a strong link between research, education and the dissemination of the many and diverse qualities and projects within the section. These stem from both the legacy that our section has in urban thinking and design (a tradition that started in the first half of the twentieth century with our first professors in urbanism, but evolved since into what we call a ‘Delft Approach to urbanism’).

Leo’s embeddedness in the section follows from both the typo-morphological school of thinking and the constant dissemination of that in teaching and the organisation of education. He has taught in a wide variety of courses, is the coordinator of the design course introducing our bachelor students to the field of urbanism (400+ students p/a). Leo was involved in the development of the current bachelor’s curriculum and is bachelor coordinator of the Faculty of Architecture. He was a member of the faculty exam committee for ten years, two of which acting as vice chair. Other interests of his are design strategies in relation to cultural history, the development of Dutch cities and urban history in general.

Leo has produced and edited exhibitions plus catalogues on urban design practice in the Netherlands and cultural history and urban design. His articles have been published in OverHolland magazine and KNOB bulletin. The MOOC Dutch Urbanism: design for the Public Good which he produced has had 10k+ participants and continues as a self paced MOOC.

He obtained his master’s degree with honourable mention from TU Delft in 1997.