Urbanism ReproHack

Date: October 14, 2022

Time: 13.00-17.00

Location: TU Delft Library, Orange Room, Prometheusplein 1, Delft, 2628 ZC, Netherlands

We know how challenging it can be for urbanism researchers to make their papers reproducible by publishing associated code and data, so we want to showcase the value of the practice, both for original authors and as a learning experience for those who attempt to reproduce the work.

This ReproHack is tailored to the specific reproducibility challenges of the urbanism research community, so we welcome paper submissions and event registrations from the fields of urban design, urban planning, urban studies, landscape architecture and associated areas of research.

It’s important to highlight that our events are by no means an attempt to criticise or discredit work. We see reproduction as beneficial scientific activity in itself, with useful outcomes for authors and valuable learning experiences for the participants and the research community as a whole.

By joining our event, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Nominate a paper

We invite nominations for papers that have associated data as well as code or a description of the analytical workflow publicly available. We also encourage analyses based on open source tools as we cannot guarantee participants will have access to specialised licenced software.

See the list below for papers associated with this event (tbd) or browse the full list of submitted papers. You can also consult our author guidelines for more information.

Review and reproduce a paper

Join us at the hack to dig into exciting science, learn more about reproducibility, working with other people’s code and data and more!