Research project

Towards a Media-Archaeology of our Data Society

As part of the artistic research project “Data Environments”, the Theory of Architecture and Digital Culture Group collaborates with Victor Muñoz Sanz, Assistant Professor of Urban Design, TU Delft, and photographer Armin Linke.

09 Art Project Armin Linke

Armin Linke working at the computer vision laboratory of the Ter Laak Orchids company, The Netherlands, 2021. Picture: Georg Vrachliotis

For more than 20 years, Armin has documented the effects of globalization, the transformation of cities into mega metropolises, and the networking of post-industrial society through digital information and data technologies. His photographs record examples of the profound spatial, cultural, economic, and ecological changes our built environment is undergoing. Taking a perspective that straddles our physical and digital worlds, Linke’s work opens up a media-archaeological view of the materiality of today’s data society. Armin was a Research Affiliate at the MIT Visual Arts Program in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a Visiting Professor at the Venice University of Art and Design (IUAV) and a Professor of Photography at the University of Art and Design in Venice. Together with photographer historian Ellen Blaschke, he is currently preparing a solo exhibition for the Centre Pompidou.

Partners: Architecture and Digital Culture Group, Section of Urban Design, Armin Linke.

Duration of the project: ongoing.