MSc of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Master track Urbanism

The Section of Urban Design contributes extensively to the Urbanism track of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences programme at TU Delft. This track draws on the Dutch tradition of combining urban design, landscape architecture, spatial planning and engineering.

Students learn to integrate social, cultural, economic and political perspectives with the natural and man-made conditions of the site in order to shape and plan for more sustainable development. Students learn to work on several scales, from regional strategic visions to neighbourhood redevelopment projects. Through these projects students respond to local trends such as congestion, mobility, urban renewal, shrinkage and densification and global trends such as globalisation, climate change, demographic trends and the energy transition.

The Urbanism Track aims to provide the prospective urban planner/designer with academic skills to analyse urban environments and urban developments in a critical way and to propose new solutions for an efficient, sustainable and liveable organisation and management of the urban environment.

The Section of Urban Design offers key contributions to the Urbanism Track. Most notably, these include the two graduation studios Design of the Urban Fabric and Transitional Territories, and the coordination and co-coordination of design studios and courses on theory and methods of urbanism.